Apr 17, 2016

Episode 64

Dying dogs, transgender bathrooms, the inconvenience of getting doody on yourself during sex.

Opening song: Lindemann's Fish On


Mar 6, 2016

Episode 63

Is it too late for Europe? Founder and former member of the English Defense League Tommy Robinson joins us this week to discuss immigration, assimilation, his time in prison and his book Enemy of the State. Joe and Jeremy also discuss Ted Cruz eating his boogers, an unlikely "racist" waiter at a restaurant, and the Russian lady who cut off a kids head.

Follow Tommy on Twitter: @TRobinsonNewEra and purchase his book on Amazon.com.
Opening song: Suite Pee by System of a Down


Feb 25, 2016

Episode 62

After Joe visits the mall and doesn't like the people he sees, a debate about "unfuckability" ensues, including tips on what you should do to appear more fuckable to the opposite sex. Jeremy changes course on long-held beliefs about Israel, and we watch a Buzzfeed video on how people of color feel when they hear the word "white".

opening track: War Machine by Six Feet Under


Feb 15, 2016

Episode 61

We talk about Beyonce's allegiance to the Black Panthers, and get down to the actual facts about African American slavery. Naturally, this leads to a discussion about racist board games. So pretty much this whole episode is about black people.


Feb 1, 2016

Episode 60

Jeremy horrifies us with the tale of his hospital visit, we talk fat Barbie, disabled Lego people, sexism in the workplace, the Zika virus, and of course we spend some time assessing the situation of the trans-species cat girl.


Jan 19, 2016

Episode 59

David Bowie, the white Oscars, and people with no arms. That sums up this week's episode.


Jan 11, 2016

Episode 58

After a long and treacherous Christmas break, Joe and Jeremy return to rant about the holiday's and atheists, mass sexual assault in Germany, Ricky Bobby Stroganoff, Twitter's harassment policy, and we watch a really sexy video.


Dec 20, 2015

Episode 57

56 year old transgender man who lives as a 6 year old girl, the president of Gambia doesn't want his female citizens to wear underwear, and Jimmy calls in to talk immigrants. Opening track: We Need a Gimmick by Nekrogoblikon


Nov 29, 2015

Episode 56

An Australian girl born without an anus, the uselessness of women on their periods, and the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey. We talk to rapper Tom Blonde and listen to one of his tracks, as well as touch base with Juddy about his recent attendance at a Trump rally.


Nov 17, 2015

Episode 55

This week we're joined by Andrew W.K., who waxes poetically about the philosophy of partying, Macaulay Culkin, and what it's like to be a performer after the Paris attacks. Joe and Jeremy discuss the attacks themselves, the issue with commitments to armed intervention, Charlie Sheen stealing the limelight on account of his HIV announcement, and a girl who claims to have been raped 43,000 times.

Opening track: Get Ready to Die by Andrew W.K.

Check him out at AndrewWK.com and on Twitter: @AndrewWK


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